Min Huang – Xi’an, China

The members of the Avenu Education team are very insightful. It’s not just that they connect you with the educational institutions abroad they collaborate with; they actually try to understand your needs and situation. They are good listeners and they learn exactly what your career goals are, what fits your budget and what are your personal needs, and act based upon this understanding. I am very satisfied with what I got and saw there.

Elise Heyer – Detroit, USA

I consulted Avenu Education Group when I decided to apply to a Master’s degree program at York University, as I was pretty confused about the application process. They provided very detailed information on how to prepare reference letters and assisted with the writing of a motivation letter. As a result, I was accepted to the program that I chose and even received a scholarship. But not just that, now I am able to make some extra income by having a part-time Teaching assistant job at York University, and all this as a result of Avenu Education’s hard work and devotion to their clients.

Wang Jiayi – Shenzhen, China

I opted for the services of Avenu Education Group when I wanted to apply to a college abroad. During the collaboration, I built up a very good relationship with their personnel. They are extremely efficient and reliable, which guarantees they will do a high-quality job. I could not have been happier and I recommend this company to everyone out there planning to taste the educational systems abroad.

James Carigan – Alberta, Canada

Avenu Education Group helped me to enroll in a high school in Cambridge, ON. I am more than pleased with their service. The Avenue Education team helped with the documents, did all the paperwork, introduced me to the legal aspects of studying abroad and explained every important detail very clearly. I strongly recommend this company, it will make your life easier.

Pok Colwell – Kingston, Canada

I have found the whole team at Avenu Education to be both professional and efficient in all aspects of their work. The consultant has always been knowledgeable and thoughtful, they gave me plenty of useful suggestions for my study and career choice.

Annabelle Descoteaux – Rouen, France

Engaged with Avenu’s legal career pathway program is the best thing happen to my life so far. It makes my lawyer dream come true so easily. The internship arrangement from Avenu after graduation is really great help to gain my experiences, that’s also the reason I chose this program.

Alessandro Russo – Amalfi, Italy

I’m hugely grateful to Avenu Education for what you have provided. I’ll never forget how much helpful of the legal career pathway program, not only saved my time and tuition fees, but also gave me a great opportunity working with some great lawyers in Toronto.

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